From Lawyer to Law Firm

Managing the Business of Practicing Law®

From Lawyer to Law Firm

Managing the Business of Practicing Law®

From Lawyer to Law Firm

Managing the Business of Practicing Law®

Streamline Your Law Firm's Operations
Boost Productivity with Case Management Software and Workflow Optimization Solutions
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Elevate Your Law Firm's Online Visibility
Attract New Clients with Custom Website Design, Content, and Social Media Management
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Take Control of Your Law Firm's Finances
Expert Accounting, Billing, and Tax Preparation Services for Peace of Mind and Compliance
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Improve Workplace Dynamics and Communication
Effective HR Solutions for Conflict Resolution, Performance Evaluations, and Hiring
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Simplify Your Law Firm's Administration and Management
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Reach Your Full Potential

Every law firm has the ability to reach it’s potential. Lawyers need to concentrate on what they do best: practicing law. The management of the business of practicing needs to be handled by someone who can efficiently, effectively, productively and profitable manage a law firm.

There are many important and moving parts of running a law firm. When attorneys try to practice law and manage the business of practicing law, they get bogged down and end up working 80 or 90 hours a week.  Why??

Because they think they have to do everything themselves. This ends up being a recipe for burn-out, or they get so fed up that they close their practice and get a job.

We will help you manage the business of practicing law so that you have more time to focus on your clients’ needs.

We offer administrative services, law firm coaching and customized strategic business plans.

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