From Lawyer to Law Firm

Managing the Business of Practicing Law®

From Lawyer to Law Firm

Managing the Business of Practicing Law®

From Lawyer to Law Firm

Managing the Business of Practicing Law®

Meet Elizabeth Miller: Your Trusted Partner in Law Firm Success

Discover the Expertise and Passion Behind Our Comprehensive Legal Practice Solutions

Liz Miller brings over three decades of unparalleled expertise and insight garnered from her esteemed tenure within the legal profession. Commencing her journey as a legal secretary in 1979, Liz exhibited her unwavering dedication by pursuing an accelerated program, earning her paralegal certification by 1981 while attending school at night.

In 1997, Liz embarked on a transformative career trajectory, transitioning into law office administration, a realm where her passion for organizational excellence truly flourished. Her pursuit of academic excellence paralleled her professional ascent, as she pursued a Bachelor’s degree with a major in business and a minor in finance from Eckerd College, graduating in 2007 with a stellar 3.9 GPA, all while maintaining a full-time workload. This commitment to continuous learning culminated in her attainment of a master’s degree with a specialization in finance in 2009, a testament to her unwavering dedication to providing unparalleled practice management services to the legal fraternity.

In 2017, Liz penned the acclaimed bestseller, “From Lawyer to Law Firm – How to Manage a Successful Law Business,” a seminal work that encapsulates her comprehensive understanding of every facet of running a law practice akin to a thriving business entity. Recognizing the critical importance of billing in the legal ecosystem, Liz’s seminal work, “Hacking Billable Hours,” published in 2022, serves as a beacon of guidance, offering pragmatic insights to law firm timekeepers, ensuring efficient billing practices that yield tangible results. Under Liz’s tutelage, her clients have achieved remarkable success, boasting an astonishingly low Accounts Receivable (AR) rate of less than 5%.

Firmly believing in the transformative power of structured policies and procedures, Liz is dedicated to empowering every law firm to unlock its full potential. Beyond offering invaluable coaching on firm structuring and management, Liz extends her administrative services to legal entities, liberating attorneys to focus on their core competency – practicing law.

At the heart of Liz’s mission is the optimization of legal practice management, where the implementation of efficient systems and procedures catalyzes enhanced efficiency, efficacy, productivity, and profitability. Whether the objective is system refinement, revenue growth, marketing optimization including blogging and social media, accounting streamlining, communication enhancement, or administrative support, Liz’s comprehensive suite of services stands ready to facilitate your success.

Experience the difference firsthand – explore our testimonials and schedule a complimentary consultation today by contacting our office at 1-813-340-9569. Your journey to legal excellence begins here.

Meet Brenda Ross

Brenda Ross boasts an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the legal realm before embarking on her journey with From Lawyer to Law Firm. Starting humbly as a receptionist, she swiftly ascended the ranks, mastering roles as a paralegal manager and eventually assuming the mantle of law firm administrator.

With a profound understanding cultivated through years of hands-on experience, Brenda seamlessly transitions into diverse roles within a law firm, equipped with the acumen to orchestrate efficiency, productivity, and success. Her innate ability to empathize with support staff enables her to navigate through employee challenges adeptly, crafting bespoke solutions with finesse.

Brenda’s repertoire encompasses a myriad of competencies including devising processes, drafting comprehensive policies and procedures manuals, conducting astute file audits, spearheading human resources initiatives, facilitating seamless onboarding, and harnessing technology for optimized practice management. Her profound expertise extends beyond the legal spectrum, fortified by a degree in Computer Science and certification as a Project Manager, which she leverages to engineer systems and processes that propel cases forward with unparalleled efficacy. A well-executed case ensures expeditious closures, facilitating a steady influx of revenue for your law firm.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Brenda dedicates her expertise to the Advisory Board for the ABA Paralegal Studies program at Seminole State College, further solidifying her commitment to the advancement of legal education and professional development.

Brenda can be reached at, poised to lend her expertise to your law practice aspirations.